“We are not so sure where our daughter would be today without the help that we received when we contacted Steps to Recovery, we do not think we would have been able to convince our daughter alone to go to a rehab and leave her small child.  Steps to Recovery’s staff took the time to personally help our daughter by coming to our home spending hours with our family.  This probably saved her life that day.  Their help went far beyond getting her to go in the first place.  Their kindness and sympathy and long hours of dedicated work show a beautiful example of unselfish love and commitment to the treatment of addiction.  They were extremely helpful in keeping us informed of her condition and progress.  Their personal experiences have led them to a place where helping others is their primary goal. “

“Steps to Recovery provided us with the information needed to choose the best rehabilitation facility to send a young single Mom who was not only depressed but suffering the effects of addiction. We wanted to send her somewhere that had the experience to meet all of her needs not just addiction.  With the guidance of the experienced staff everything was taken into consideration about what type of treatment would be required.  She received compassionate care, but care that was tough.  Most important is each and every staff member at Steps to Recovery “listened” to our family’s fears and anxieties at any time of the day we could contact them.  As parents we were extremely overwhelmed and anxious while also taking care of a Grandchild.  Through all of this the staff at Steps to Recovery has supported not only our daughter but our whole family during her stay and continues to support us through her recovery process and our own recovery.  They worked hard and continue to work hard checking in to see if everything is going ok.  I would recommend anyone who has a family member in need of help due to addiction to contact Steps to Recovery before just sending them to treatment.  Their knowledge is extensive.  Special thanks to Christian DeLuca and Ryan McCarthy.”


Tom & Kitty

Bucks County, Pa

I had lost control of my drinking and drug use and knew I needed help, but was unable to initiate a plan for recovery.  Had it not been for Steps to Recovery I would still be drinking and driving, taking pills and living the dangerous, destructive life of an addict. One of the many positive aspects of Steps to Recovery is the staff’s knowledge of addiction and their familiarity with an addict’s lifestyle and state of mind.  When I spoke with Ryan at Steps to Recovery, I knew he understood exactly what I was going through, and that he genuinely cared about my wellbeing.  Since I had never been to a rehab before, I had lots of questions. Ryan patiently explained the recovery process and reassured me that I would be fine once I made the commitment to get help. He found the best treatment option for me, and then made the arrangements; although I had some fear of what lay ahead, I was on a plane headed for a treatment center in Florida within hours. I am now in my seventh month of recovery, and am grateful that Steps to Recovery helped me take that very first step away from the misery of addiction.

Meghan L

Bucks County, Pa

“My name is Cathy and i suffered from an opioid addiction for many years. I got Ryan McCarthy’s phone number and he makes miracles happen. I called him on Nov.24th he would of had me on  a plane the next day but that was thanksgiving. He had me on a plane to treatment two days after I got in touch with him. He made things happen and happen fast. The facility they set me up with met all my needs. It was above and beyond anything that I had expected. It was exactly what I needed. If you are willing to help yourself all’s you have to do is get in touch with Ryan and or Christian and they do the rest. These two people are two that really care and they can relate to how you feel. Which was priceless for me, and meant everything in the world to my family and I. You just have to show up and be ready to put everything you have into your recovery and Steps to Recovery will do everything they can to provide you with the best opportunity to do so. Thank Guys!!”

Catherine R


“Steps to Recovery and their staff have played a huge role in saving and changing my life. I cannot express in words the gratitude that I have for what they have done for me in my recovery. Their ability to understand and relate to me as a sick and suffering addict is unparallel. I have been in and out of different institutions and numerous treatment facilities my entire adult life. My disease took me to places I would not wish upon my worst enemy. I had ruined all relationships and opportunities that were presented to me through my life. At the end of my using when almost nobody else was there to lend a helping hand, steps to recovery was.”

“I was a 23 year old hopeless heroin addict. They gave me the hope I could not find on my own. My life has changed dramatically in the 6 months I have clean, and I owe a huge part of it to steps to recovery. Without their caring and loving staff I would be lost in my recovery. Coming from the depths of dereliction to now having 6 months clean and managing a halfway house is truly a miracle. Again, I cannot express in words the gratitude I have for what Steps to Recovery has done for me, thank you.”

Nazeret  A.

Ft Lauderdale, FL

“My son was in what seemed to be an impossible situation in and out of rehab facilities he would stay clean for the typical 3-5 months and then fall down again.  He was having trouble with the law not to the mention the financial debt we were in, he had no hope and neither did we.  Then we found  Steps to Recovery, people that not only understood his situation but had the resources to help him; they gave him hope, they showed that they were unselfish being available 24 hours a day to myself or my son. They gave us our life back with a certain confidence that we hadn’t had for such a long time. Our lives were manageable knowing our son was in good hands and had the support he needed. For the first time in years I have been able to sleep.”

Varteny A

Montgomery County, PA

Before I had help from Steps to Recovery I had a long history of alcohol and drug abuse, I put my loved ones through many disappointments and heartaches, and in the end I was desperately beaten. I believe by a Higher Power I was guided to Steps to Recovery. I am so truly grateful for all their help, and thanks to them I am now taking sobriety one day at a time. The staff at Steps to Recovery is truly amazing, and I am eternally grateful for all of them and how they helped save my life.

Amber U.

Detroit, MI

A few months ago my family and I contacted Steps to Recovery because we had felt as if we exhausted all avenues in effort to help get my son clean. For years he would consent to seeking treatment, only to end up using again. He robbed us of our sanity and sleep, and I found myself having to kick my own son out of our home. A few months ago I found myself feeling totally helpless as a mother, and contacted Steps to Recovery hoping they could guide me. To my family and son’s benefit, they went above and beyond to help us. The case manager and interventionist that were assigned to my family armed us with so much information about addiction. They educated us and really prepared our family for weeks leading up to actually doing the intervention with our son. Steps to Recovery’s staff took the time to personally help us. They worked hard to make us more aware and educated about our son’s situation, so we could be as supportive as possible. My son agreed to go to treatment, and is now living in a recovery house. If it was not for Steps to Recovery, I’m not sure where my son would be today. Our relationship has never been better. Although it was a very tough time, it was a true learning experience. I would recommend anyone contact Steps to Recovery who is experiencing the same problems that we were. From the first phone call, right up until now, Steps to Recovery has been great. Any time I have questions or concerns, I contact them and they are happy to help me in any way that they can. I am so thankful!

Regina L.

Burlington, NJ

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