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Christian DeLuca, C.A.C. C.N.D.A.I.

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Christian DeLuca is co-founder and CEO of Steps to Recovery. He is a recovering addict who has worked in the treatment field for several years and has dedicated his life and career to helping fellow addicts and their families obtain the optimum quality of help. Christian has lived first-hand the horrors that the disease of addiction causes if left untreated, and brings a passion to his mission to assist all who seek recovery.

Christian and his staff have sought out programs and services that offer the best, most comprehensive health care protocols and formed a peer-to-peer support network of professionals that share a common high standard of integrity. Through his own personal experience, Christian sees the critical importance of advocating foremost for the person in crisis as well as for his or her family. His personal philosophy is one based on faith, gratitude, and offering to others the same opportunity for recovery that was given to him. Originally from Connecticut, Christian currently lives and works in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Christian DeLuca, C.A.C. C.N.D.A.I.


Ryan McCarthy, C.A.C. C.N.D.A.I.

Chief Operating Officer/Co-founder

Ryan McCarthy, co-founder and COO, began Steps to Recovery because he wanted to establish a grassroots network with its core foundation being addicts helping addicts. Ryan is fully committed to helping others afflicted with the disease of addiction in order to “make possible what they may think is impossible”. Ryan has formed a collabrative network commited to providing an innovative approach to those that are suffering with addiction and co-occuring illnesses.

Ryan is a recovering addict that was once in desperate straits. He knows that through his strong bond with those committed to recovery, there is a solution to every problem created by the disease of addiction. Subscribing to the premise of always doing the right things for the right reasons, Ryan offers a unique service through Steps to Recovery. It is solely based on collective experience, hard work, and the humility that comes with having been in the throes of addiction. Ryan sees recovery as a process that can be attained by anyone willing to take the first step toward a new life. As Ryan is grateful for each day he lives a clean and sober life, his motivation is to do whatever he can to help other addicts attain this goal. Ryan was born and raised in Philadelphia and currently resides in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania.

Ryan McCarthy, C.A.C. C.N.D.A.I.


Colleen Coyne, RN

Medical Assesment Coordinator/ Treatment Escort

Colleen Coyne, R.N. is the Medical Assessment Coordinator for Steps to Recovery. She has fourteen years of experience as a registered nurse working with young people and others in emergency and crisis situations. Additionally, Colleen has a daughter and nephew who are addicts, and, therefore fully understands the genetic link to the disease from both a personal and professional perspective. She relates to other parents who have been through the turmoil of substance abuse with their children.

Colleen brings both passion and compassion to her work with Steps to Recovery and is proud to be a member of the clinical staff.

Colleen Coyne, RN


Ed Waddington

Treatment Consultant

Ed is a Behavioral Health consultant as well as a Nationally Certified Interventionist Specialist. Ed grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and has always viewed himself as one who cared about the well-being of others, even in his darkest days. That spirit has found a home in the 12 Step Program where Ed takes seriously the call to carry the message to the still sick and suffering addict as well as their families. He is passionate about the possibility of enabling others to experience this new way of living which has made it possible for him and his family to truly enjoy life and one another again. Most importantly, Ed believes that through Steps to Recovery, not only can he assist others on the road to recovery, but it serves as a source of strength for him to be the very best person God intends for him to be in his own recovery.

Edward Waddington - Treatment Consultant


Annmarie Errico

Administrative Coordinator

Annmarie Errico, Administrative Coordinator for Steps to Recovery, has experienced the havoc that addiction wreaks when a loved one is afflicted. Annmarie is a supporter and staunch advocate for those in recovery, and handles the administrative responsibilities for Steps to Recovery. In addition to her commitment to Steps to Recovery, she is active in substance abuse prevention and volunteers for various other worthy charities.

Annmarie Errico


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At Steps to Recovery, communication is considered critical when dealing with a loved one in crisis due to substance abuse or mental health issues. For the millions affected by chemical dependencies, the process of identifying the problem, understanding its implications, and seeking the right type of help presents significant challenges, which can be very overwhelming. Critical opportunities for treatment and recovery are often postponed or missed entirely.

Our rapid response to every individual relieves stress and delay at times when you or a loved one is in need of immediate attention. Steps to Recovery's primary purpose is to listen, then effectively and efficiently provide a personalized treatment plan tailored to meet each person's specific needs. Identification of the presenting problem, early assessment, education, and choosing a treatment option are essential for opening the doors to recovery.