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Steps to Recovery - Sevices
Steps to Recovery - Interventions

Intervention Services

Assessing the person in need and determining the appropriate course of action. Educating the family/loved ones involved during a time of crisis.

  • Phone Consultation
  • Family Education
  • Family Support
  • Clinical Assessment
  • Family Preparation
  • Pre-Intervention Meeting
  • Personalized Treatment Options
  • Intervention
  • Flight / Travel Arrangements
  • Treatment Escort
Steps to Recovery - Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Matching the needs of the addicted person with a treatment experience that will best suit the person in need. Expediting the admissions process to ease the stress on all those involved.

  • Phone Consultation
  • Clinical Assessment
  • Family Education
  • Family Support
  • Verifying Insurance Benefits
  • Personalized Treatment Plan
  • Treatment Escort (if necessary)
  • Assigned Treatment Liaison
  • Case Management
  • Employer Advocate
  • Advocate to Legal Professionals
  • Employer Education & Support
  • Discharge Planning
  • 24 Hour Support
Steps to Recovery - Athercare


Maintaining contact with the client and family ensure continued recovery for all. Helping make connections with outpatient programs, sober living facilities, and other clinical services offered in your area.

  • Family Phone Consultations
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Personalized Discharged Planning
  • Private Practice Referrals
  • Sober Living Placement
  • Drug & Alcohol Screenings
  • Introductions to 12 Steps Fellowships
  • 24 Hour Support

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At Steps to Recovery, communication is considered critical when dealing with a loved one in crisis due to substance abuse or mental health issues. For the millions affected by chemical dependencies, the process of identifying the problem, understanding its implications, and seeking the right type of help presents significant challenges, which can be very overwhelming. Critical opportunities for treatment and recovery are often postponed or missed entirely.

Our rapid response to every individual relieves stress and delay at times when you or a loved one is in need of immediate attention. Steps to Recovery's primary purpose is to listen, then effectively and efficiently provide a personalized treatment plan tailored to meet each person's specific needs. Identification of the presenting problem, early assessment, education, and choosing a treatment option are essential for opening the doors to recovery.