Throughout most of our life, we as humans are taught that “Seeing is Believing”.  Those of us that suffer from the disease of addiction seem to struggle with this most of all.  We come from a place in our active addiction, in which most of us feel that we cannot trust anyone.    While in treatment and early recovery, we are told repeatedly that we need to “Trust” that is can and will get better.  This is hard to do in the beginning, due to the lack of physical evidence presented.  We want to see what the end result may be, before we embark on any sort of journey. 

Our belief that is the case comes from what others are telling us worked for them.  It is extremely difficult for newcomers into recovery to relate with someone who has their lives in order and that they have been clean for multiple years.  This is just another example of how individuals suffering from addiction are “Unique”.  Dr. Martin Luther King defined Faith as “Taking the First Step, without being able to see the top of the Staircase.”  This is so relevant in early recovery, due to the inability to predict what the future has in store for us. 

When we arrive at treatment, whether it be for the first time or the fifth time we are engulfed with emotions, and uncertainty.  The biggest feeling that we struggle with is fear.  Fear is nothing other than a lack of faith.  When we are able to embrace the fact that there may just be a way to recover, this is the first instance that we are able to see that fact that we are able to have “Faith” in our lives.

If you are struggling with the whole discussion and or thought of having “Faith”, please believe the fact that I believe.  If you are able to do that simple task, then you are able to have “Faith”. 

Yours in Recovery


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