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Steps to Recovery - Family Resources

Family Resources

Steps to Recovery - What is Addiction?

What is Addiction?

What is Alcoholism?

Signs & Symptoms

Addiction Treatment & Substance Abuse Treatment Centers – Helping You Get Back On Your Feet.

At Steps to Recovery, our passion is helping our clients and their families get back on the right track by recommending treatment options such as substance abuse treatment centers. We at Steps to Recovery understand the commitment and support that is needed to get through this long and difficult journey. A residential treatment center will provided you with the education, guidance and support necessary to reach the ultimate goal of recovery.

The needs of our clients are the number one focus and we take that into consideration when referring you to a substance abuse treatment center. We make sure that the expectations both from the family and the client are realistic as far as what to expect from addiction treatment. No single approach is used for every client and this ensures that their specific needs may be met. By providing the client with honest and valuable recourses, they are able to make an informed decision regarding their treatment options. All of our treatment options are evidence-based, pragmatic, and holistic, making sure that the client’s needs as a whole are fulfilled.

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The journey to recovery requires long term commitment and support from people who care. The intervention services and personalized addiction treatments provided are offered by a team that understands personally the tragic effects that drug addiction and alcoholism can come with. Our team at Steps to Recovery strives to offer the highest quality of support and treatment options to improve the lives of our clients and the friends and family closest to them. With the help of Steps to Recovery and our network of substance abuse treatment centers, we can have your family back on the right track to a better life.

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At Steps to Recovery, communication is considered critical when dealing with a loved one in crisis due to substance abuse or mental health issues. For the millions affected by chemical dependencies, the process of identifying the problem, understanding its implications, and seeking the right type of help presents significant challenges, which can be very overwhelming. Critical opportunities for treatment and recovery are often postponed or missed entirely.

Our rapid response to every individual relieves stress and delay at times when you or a loved one is in need of immediate attention. Steps to Recovery's primary purpose is to listen, then effectively and efficiently provide a personalized treatment plan tailored to meet each person's specific needs. Identification of the presenting problem, early assessment, education, and choosing a treatment option are essential for opening the doors to recovery.